Why YeFi.one?
YeFi.one is a platform that emerged at the crossroads of two dominant players in the digital world arena – Decentralized data storage and Decentralized finance. YeFi.one developers have combined the best of the two phenomena to create a unique DeFi product with the aim to support the development of decentralized data storage systems through decentralized finance.
Comprehensively audited Decentralized Finance Platform
Cross-chain Compatibility
Bridging decentralized data storage projects to DeFi through high-performance blockchains.
YeFi.one is going to become a comprehensive DeFi platform with full functioning lending&borrowing, DEX, and NFTs functions in the future.
Lossless Mining
On the basis of guaranteeing original assets, YeFi.one allows users to gain much more computing power by community and make profits.
Assets currently accepted: BTC, ETH, USDT, YEFI, YTA,FIL
Currently users can access YeFi.one platform through different crypto wallets which support Binance Smart Chain, trade YEFI token freely on PancakeSwap, mine and gain YeFi tokens by these assets. More projects are coming in the future.
YeFi.one now is connected to Binance Smart Chain and support all relevant wallets.
Join our communities to know more about the project, get invitation codes and start making profits now!